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Represented with 12 petals, green in colour, associated with the element air and sense of touch.

It refers to the cyclicality of time, to its being in constant revolution, and to the verb “to love” related to compassion, unconditional or detached love.

Mantra: Yam

Anahata from Sanskrit: “unharmed,” “undefeated.” It represents the right to love unconditionally and to be loved without an imposed definition of love, if not to help each individual to grow and walk through life to the best of his or her physical and spiritual abilities. In short, love without expecting anything in return. Also known as the Heart Chakra, it is located in the thoracic area between the fourth and fifth vertebrae. It is located in the center of the chakra map and is the first one from below that concerns the ethereal sphere of the elements. The first work of this chakra takes place in children between 4 and 7 years old, when they should stop focusing only on themselves and start to feel interest in relationships other than those with the family. The feeling that attacks this chakra is pain. The pain when we lose someone or a separation occurs, when we feel that the loved one betrays our expectations without being able to forgive himself. If this chakra is suffering you may experience loss of identity and depression, while if too active it can lead to being possessive and jealous. The heart chakra is represented by the colour green, of all that is natural and follows the paternal rules of nature exalting its strength, and by the colour pink, which follows the maternal rules of nature and exalts its compassion. Both colours represent unconditional love for yourself and for others. It is associated with the sense of touch and contact, allowing us to reach out to others, help them and give them energy. By intoning the Yam mantra using the belly as a resonance box we will be able to hear the operating frequency of this sensitive and delicate moving energy. In crystal therapy we associate this chakra with green stones, such as Avventurine or Emerald, and pink stones, such as Rose Quartz or Kunzite, which influence the aspects of affection and compassion, with familiar and friendly frequencies.

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