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Those born from March 21 to April 20, were born in the period in which, by approximation, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun transited in the constellation of Aries, First House of the Zodiac.

Below we will describe the particularities of the subjects born under the influence of this sign and of the Gems that more support them in their path.

Planet of greatest influence: Mars

Cardinal Fire Sign: Spring Equinox

Representative Color: Red

Tarot: The Emperor

Illustrious Aries: Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Eric Clapton, Raphael, Charlemagne.

Facets in Light: Passionate; Sincere; Stubborn and Optimistic; Independent; Direct; Enthusiastic; Charismatic; Energetic; Dynamic.

Facets in Shadow: Impatient; Disappointing; Impulsive; Selfish; Stubborn and Optimistic; Irrational.

“…to you, Aries, I entrust the task of starting my work.
You will learn to use your inner fire to bring forth new things.
Let these reflect my plan, rather than your personal desires.
Yours is an arduous and risky task, to face it I give you the talents of Courage, Trust and Initiative.
Cultivate them and use them with discrimination and kindness.
Control impatience, recklessness and arrogance so that they are never obstacles that blind your mind.”

With eyes sparkling with energy, Aries returned to his place.

Thus it is determined that those born between March 21 and April 20 will be assigned to the house of Aries, the first house of the zodiac.

The beginning coincides with the Spring Equinox, a season that precisely starts from this sign, emphasizing the ability to start projects of these people.

Sign of Fire, Passionate, Sincere, Stubborn and Optimistic, charged head down for what he thinks is right at that moment without thinking too much about it.

Sometimes even irritable and aggressive when contradicted, he does it simply to show that he knows how to defend himself.

Influenced by Mars, they prove to be incredibly brave and enterprising creatures, but sometimes irrational, and they end up head-butting situations that do not concern them or that could be dealt with differently.

Those born under the sign of Aries are charismatic, energetic and dynamic people, who take on the most difficult tasks without thinking too much about a methodology, often finding themselves in situations of stress from exaggerated loads of responsibility.

A jewel that matches our sign of the zodiac helps us to achieve our goals and face daily choices with greater confidence.

The stones that most exalt this sign are the red, hot stones, like:

-the Ruby, the Red gem par excellence, if you ask anyone: “tell me the first red stone that comes to mind”; most likely this Corundum will be among the first choices.
Its use in Laser technology denotes its relationship with the fire element and the rapidity of combustion, as well as its ability to leave its mark, typical of the character of this House.

-the Almandino Garnet, the gem of Heroes, and like a Hero, only after a long training and work this gem radiates the most crystalline splendor.

-the Hematite, the stone of blood, rich in that iron which composes the center of the Earth and on which our blood system is based, surely a great source of hot energy.

-the Carnelian, the stone of the Spirit and desire, fiery and fiery, but also sweet and sensitive, which guides the understanding of desire itself.

-the Red Jasper, the stone of the Warriors, the amulet that protects the ardor of its bearer, exalting courage.

For the Aries born in March: an Aquamarine, stone of the month, could bring you some emotional calm and confidence in your neighbor.

-Only ardent patience will lead to the attainment of a splendid happiness.-

-There is only one Will.

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