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Those born from June 22nd to July 22nd, were born in the period in which, by approximation, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun passed through the constellation of Cancer, Fourth House of the Zodiac.

Below we will describe the particularities of the subjects born under the influence of this sign and the Gems that most support them in their journey.

Planet of greatest influence: Moon (Satellite)

Cardinal Water Sign: Summer Solstice

Representative Color: Silver, Pearly, Orange

Tarot: the Chariot

Famous crabs: George W. Bush, Rembrandt, Petrarch, Alexander the Great, Nelson Mandela

Facets in Light: Affectionate, Sentimental, Psychic, Maternal, Thrifty, Nostalgic

Facets in Shadow: Hypersensitive, Passive/Aggressive, Bitter, Frustrated, Moody, Sticky

“to you Cancer, I give the task of expressing feelings and emotions.
You must love every creature on Earth and teach man to do so.
Remember that your love must be directed to all mankind, as well as to your family.
For you to carry out your task, I give you the talents of Receptivity, Sensitivity and Empathy.
Use them wisely, without being overwhelmed by your own and others’ emotions, and without suffering or inflicting emotional blackmail.
The obstacles you will have to overcome will therefore be attachments, insecurity and fear of abandonment”.

With a sweet expression, Cancer returned to its place.

Thus it is decreed that those born between June 22 and July 22 are assigned to the house of Cancer, the fourth house of the Zodiac.

It is said that Cancer is the first to laugh or cry, so you can bet it will fill your day.

Water sign, ruled by the Moon, the beginning coincides with the summer solstice.
Since Cancer tends to be lazy, it needs someone to push it. He tends to attach himself to things and keep them with the result of moving from sentimentality to obsessiveness, he resists the temptation to become independent or apologize, since it does not help him.

He can be overly sensitive, aching and prone to brooding, even so he finds it easy to be friendly with others and quickly shows his feelings. Intuition is a great help and value, he is tenacious and strong and loves to follow his own path. If his documented kindness and courtesy do not serve the purpose he uses emotional manipulation to make things happen, if this does not work, he returns to his shell and discontent.

Those born under this sign are people “clinging” to the home who take pleasure in the comforts of home and family.

Every sign of the zodiac has gifts that it will have to exploit and challenges that it will have to face.

The stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

Below you will find some stones that best enhance the talents of those born in the sign of Cancer;

Moonstone, is listed as the planetary stone for Cancer and Sapphire as the talismanic stone.

Pearl, represents more those Cancer born in the month of June, to represent their protection from the outside world with a shining and stronger armor, while the Ruby is more specific for the whole month of July to mark the arrival of summer with its hot red.


Coral, part of the marine environment and therefore close to their element, according to the coloring influences different aspects of life, however, bringing abundance to those born in this house.

“The choice is yours alone. If they tell you it’s impossible, the limit is theirs.”

“Heal the Soul like a child.”

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