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Those born from December 22nd to January 20th, were born in the period in which, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun was passing through the constellation of Capricorn, Tenth House of the Zodiac.

Below we will describe the particularities of the subjects born under the influence of this sign and of the Gems that most support them in their journey.

Planet of greatest influence: Saturn

Sign of cardinal land: Winter Solstice

Representative color: Black

Tarot cards: the Devil

Famous goats: Elvis Presley, Johannes Kepler, David Bowe, J.R.R. Tolkien, Isaac Newton…

Facets in Light: Responsible, Patient, Loyal, Methodical, Ambitious, Resolute

Facets in Shadow: Dictatorial, Inhibited, Cold, Presumptuous, Convenient, Challenging

“…to you Capricorn, I give the task to be and affirm my idea.
You must learn to get rid of all that you are not.
Only when you realize you are Soul can you assert yourself and my plan.
Certainly, your task is hard and tiring, but for you to fulfill it I give you the talents of discipline, tenacity and detachment.
In putting them to good use, pay attention that the weight of your mind does not crush your heart, because then ambition, hardness and pessimism will make your journey bitter and tiring.

With serious air, Capricorn, he returned to his post.

Thus it is announced that those born between December 22 and January 20 will be assigned to the house of Capricorn, the tenth house of the zodiac.

A cardinal sign of earth, the tenth sign of the zodiac, of a feminine nature, governed by Saturn, those born in this sign have remarkable tenacity, ambition, prudence, patience and self-control.

Those who belong to this house show a certain introversion and privacy and are characterized by pessimism and obvious closure, underlined by their favourite colour: black.

The characteristics of the Capricorn sign are those of a very proud, strong animal, which allows it to reach uncontaminated peaks.

Due to its shy nature, it rarely binds with people but when it does it is always present, available and turns into one of the most affectionate creatures there are.

A sign very attentive to results, rarely aggressive to less than specific purposes, never cruel in achieving his goals, he hardly ever pays attention to himself: if he boasts of something he does it with his own results, constantly a few years ahead of his friends.

They prefer study or career to fun, often considered solitary and unable to enjoy the pleasures of life, they have good taste and a fine palate, but most of the time they want to enjoy these pleasures in solitude, despite being extremely loyal.

Like all earthly signs, they can be very materialistic and prefer to do something for others, rather than giving.

Every sign of the zodiac has gifts that it will have to exploit and challenges that it will have to face.

The stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

Below you will find some stones that best enhance the talents of those born in the sign of Capricorn;

The Lucky Stone par excellence is the Black Onyx. This stone absorbs negative energies and turns them into positive energies. In the past it was used against the evil eye.

Then there is the Black Tourmaline, a stone which purifies energies and helps to shield oneself from negativity.

Black Obsidian brings to light the negative aspects of personality in order to work with it, but without creating an immediate upheaval, it allows us to work gradually on ourselves. Also known as the shamanic stone, it was used to intervene on physical problems and help to heal.

Smoky Quartz also helps to manage fear and stress. It strengthens contact with higher energies and allows you to do deep introspective work.

“All our cognition begins with feelings.”

“Plan for eternity, live in the moment.”

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