Ruby Sapphire Pendant

IStone is destined to become a trendy movement, a concept, an idea of spiritual improvement and consciousness.
intellectual and physical of this world that hosts us and lends us minerals,
gems and precious stones to support us in our growth and evolution.

IStone Lucca is committed to bringing well-being to all users of our tailor-made services!

Our aim is precisely to make available to all those who have the necessary curiosity, information and material to support their spiritual journey or simply to give themselves an Amulet, a small moral support on which to discharge some tension, perhaps meditating on its beauty and its metamorphosis and stabilities over time.

We are here and we are as passionate as you are about discovery, history and well-being.

Gems and minerals are the component of everything, we are here to give you a little concentrate with some more than just a mere price.

You can associate a stone to a chakra, a zodiac sign, a month of birth or simply a lucky communion of names or origins.

You can use a jewel as a shield and keep it in your pocket for when you feel the need or you can show it off to enhance the beauty and splendor of the jewel and its wearer.

IStone natural stone jewelry: crystals for wellness.

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