La geometria e i Cristalli

On this page we will see how, based on our experiences, we can use geometry to raise our consciousness.

The study of the structure of most subjects has its basis in geometry:
space, light, crystals, sound and vibration to name a few.

Geometry connects everything.

Let’s go deep;

Sacred Geometry, the ancient science, is the basic language of crystals, the key to understanding how our universe is designed and how it communicates.
In our work and research, we have discovered that the use of sacred geometric shapes as a basis for crystal therapy is a central and necessary component.
We believe that this is most likely due to the fundamental relationship between crystals and sacred geometry.
Look at it this way: crystals are the physical 3D expression of their own energy patterns.

“Architecture is a dream, geometry is its story, the artifact is the realization of the dream, the architect is the one who tells the dreams”.

Using symmetrical geometry on a base, as a “grid” , with crystals is the best way we have found to clearly communicate our intention to the Energy Source and get the most out of a manifestation work with stones.

The use of sacred geometry together with crystals, allows you to develop and amplify your own circuit of energy communion with The Source.

To make an analogy: you just bought the new Iphone-SuperAll, but you have no network, no web connection: you have the Crystals, the best communication support, but not the geometry, the connection itself! So try now, during a meditation, to place the crystals in geometric shapes around you, depending on the type of work you want to do: you have the crystals, your cell phone, and the connection: geometry!

You are the receiver, the antenna, the mechanism!

Consciously using geometry in our studies, meditations and lives is what improves us, elevates us, solidifies us, as well as our physical, social and mental structures.

Gold Flusk, IStone

The little Alchemist in you is awakening.

This is what crystals can help us do.

Over time, most likely, you will also notice a better intuition, more synchronicityin all aspects of life, understanding and inner knowledge become clearer and more unshakable and a general psycho-physical improvement pervades the routine.

We believe that this happens because minerals give the possibility to optimize the bandwidth of communication with the energy of the Source, allowing a more efficient understanding and connection.

Keep this in mind, when you are trying to improve the work you are doing: with your intentions and manifestations you create the World.

The intentional union of Sacred Geometry and Crystals will give a considerable increase in the capacity of canalization and manifestation.
Some work with asymmetrical crystal grids, and for certain purposes may be more practical. However, we feel that the most effective grids are symmetrical grids, i.e. mirrored on each side.

But the best way to know if this is the same for you is to try it yourself!

To be crystalline: crystals are a simple supportto obtain that sacred “connection push”.

You can achieve the same goal through countless methods, and some examples could be:

-all the various types of yoga;

-all styles of meditation;

-a healthy diet;

-breathing techniques;

and whoever has more of it!

It is important to realize that crystals are purely supportive tools that allow us to do the work of communicating with the energy of the Source more efficiently, some call it: “increase of vibration”.

Simply put, crystals are effective influencers of energy flow.
You can try different techniques at the same time, together with the work with crystals, to get your sacred push. We refer to this as “overlapping vibrational frequencies” in order to amplify the effect of the crystal, after all: why not use all the tools at your disposal to make your connection with Universal energy more effective?

Platonic Solids, Atomic and Crystalline Structures

So: the extraordinary crystal shapes we are so attracted to have a logic, a system.

These fascinating visible shapes reflect the symmetries of the structure of the atoms that form the crystal.

When we look closely at the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and the formation of the atoms themselves, we see at work the Platonic solids, the basis of sacred geometry.
In fact the most recent science is showing us that atoms are not tiny solid particles, but are actually packets of energy that appear as various platonic solids composed of subatomic energy whizzing through those geometric shapes and platonic solids.

When you start putting atoms together to form molecules of various compounds, the molecular structure is based on the tetrahedron, the simplest of the five solid forms, so it can evolve into other more complex platonic solids.

Keep in mind that the crystals themselves grow in a “super saturated liquid crystal suspension” ( fluid ).

Now, the fluids in the crystal growth environment are highly sensitive and receptive to any vibration that passes through them, which in turn will affect the way the crystal molecules organize themselves and eventually “solidify”.

This vibrational influence can be expressed in the molecular structure of the crystal, which can usually be observed with a microscope, or it can be clearly visible to the naked eye in the final form of the formation of a larger crystal.
Depending on the mineral, some do not grow into a visible form of prism with large individually defined crystals, but all minerals have a crystalline structure ordered in their molecules at the microscopic level: a DNA.

This is what qualifies them as a mineral.