Stones and Stars

Over the millennia, stones and gems have been attributed complementary properties to the signs of the zodiac and months of the year.

IStone wants to summarize here some of the combinations and their effects and influences on everyday life and choices.

IStone vuole qui riassumere alcune delle combinazioni ed i loro effetti ed influenze sulla vita e le scelte di tutti i giorni.

What’s my stone?

How can I choose a gem related to me? What are the minerals that would best support me in my growth?

Well, this is a science rooted in the origin of the earth itself and the physical representation of how the universe works in unison, making us rediscover the same elements throughout creation.

In fact, it is common to find similar crystalline or metallic elements on celestial bodies light years apart!

And it is precisely these elements that often distinguish the various influences on us, our moods and our choices.

Below you will find a summary of millennia of studies and experiences on the influence of precious stones and minerals in the lives of all those who approach the fantastic world of gems and crystals.

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The associations with the stones then continue with a correspondence with the lunar months of the year.

This tradition is also linked to the dawn of human culture and assigns 12 stones to the 12 months from January to December.

Each gem would then ideally be worn in a specific month to ‘honour’ the energies at work during that period, and get the most out of yourself by balancing your Kundalini.

These gems aim to support the soul during various moon phase turbulences and cosmic influences.

“Asking questions is only the beginning of the journey.”

There is also the Chromotherapy that seems to accompany these worlds, that is, a need for certain colors, the need for their presence in our lives.

In our articles you will also find what colors are associated with the various signs, and which colors could be of support from an energetic and moral point of view.

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