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Those born from July 23rd to August 22nd, were born in the period in which, by approximation, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun passed through the constellation of Leo, the fifth House of the Zodiac.

Below we will describe the particularities of the subjects born under the influence of this sign and of the Gems that most support them in their journey.

Planet of greatest influence: Sun ( our star )

Fire sign Fixed

Representative color: Yellow Gold

Tarot: The Force

Famous lions: Barack Obama, Napoleon, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Jung

Facets in Light: Safe, Ambitious, Loyal, Generous, Creative, Loving

Facets in Shadow: Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Selfish, Stubborn, Stubborn, Vanishing

“…to you Leo I give the task of manifesting the magnificence of creation.
You will have to perceive the greatness of my work and show men its splendour so that, admiring it, they can find Me.
Yours is a great task.
So that you may do it, I give you the talents of power, generosity and security.
Use them with detachment, without forgetting that you are celebrating my glory and not yours.
Never let the obstacles of conceit, pride and arrogance prevent you from hearing my voice and discovering the divine spark that I have placed in your heart.”

And Leo, with a regal gait, returned to his place.

Thus it is determined that those born in the northern hemisphere between 23 July and 22 August will be assigned to the house of Leo, the fifth house of the zodiac.

A masculine sign, its element is fire, a sign ruled by the Sun, it gives its best in the light of day.

Like his symbolic animal he is extremely self-confident, he has a pride that accompanies him unmistakably, a very dynamic and virile sign.

From the height of his kingship, the Lion can afford to be generous or even magnanimous. Typical of this sign is to have the tendency to be the center of attention without effort, in a completely natural way, as befits a majesty.
He has a certain impatience, refuses to wait because he considers himself a ruler and wants to dominate even Time.

Extremely courageous, in his generosity he is simply always ready to sacrifice himself.

The great pride of the Lion may involve a certain naivety; after all, the life of this sign is linked to majesty and kingship, with difficulty he deals with the little things of the world!

Every sign of the zodiac has gifts that it will have to exploit and challenges that it will have to face.

The stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

Below you will find some stones that best enhance the talents of those born in the sign of Leo;

Diamond: gives vitality, regenerates and purifies. It helps to overcome fear but also possible depressive states.

Amber: connected to both the element of fire and that of the ether, of energy. It enhances the solar nature of this sign of the zodiac. It is the stone of spontaneity, optimism and openness to others. It gives creativity and helps to achieve success.

Quartz Citrine: Energy stone par excellence, it infuses joy and courage. Connected to the third chakra, it gives energy, light and vitality, and is conducive to success in all activities. Solar energy crystal.

Tiger Eye: Stone of Will, it stimulates the three lowest chakras in unison, resonating more with the third chakra. It brings light in dark moments and clarifies our point of view, transmits stability and practicality. Stone of Judgment, of will and of initiative.

“He who does not stray from the shore can never begin the journey.”

“The royal soul serves without failure”

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