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Represented with 4 petals, red in colour, associated with the earth element and sense of smell.

It refers to the present time, the hour, and the verb “avere” (to have) related to the desire for safety and protection, rooting.

Mantra: Lam sound

Muladhara in Sanskrit means “root”, support, is located at the base of the spine and represents the right to exist on earth, to have what is needed for the survival of body and spirit (food, water, shelter, …), the right to realize oneself, the right to be.

This chakra is the one on which the whole system of physical energies is based, the first one that must be satisfied and firm, with stable roots to support the whole structure.

It symbolizes physical identity with the purpose of self-preservation and recognition of the needs of the body.

The opposite energy is the fear we feel when our right to exist is threatened.

Uncontrolled indulgence can lead to eating too much, not being able to leave our father’s house, or even not concluding a relationship more harmful than constructive for fear of being alone.

The root chakra is particularly stimulated in the first year of age, when the child will have to begin to understand how to obtain the nourishment that the fetus received automatically, and again when he or she leaves the parents’ home and goes to live alone, where he or she will again face the problems of obtaining food, water and shelter.

By intoning the Lam mantra using the abdomen as a sounding board we will be able to feel the frequency of this energy’s operation, which moves strong and stable.

In crystal therapy we associate to this chakra the Red coloured stones, like Jasper or Ruby, and the Black coloured ones, like Onyx or Obsidian, which influence the safety and protection aspects, with low and rooting frequencies.

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