Stones: hematite, black tourmaline, black onyx, black obsidian, shungite.

Research of: safety and protection, rooting. A color that reflects the total absence of light. All chromatic frequencies are absorbed.

Black is mystery, hidden energy, shyness, humility. A creature hiding in darkness seeks protection, security, privacy. It absorbs excess light and protects against energy build-up by providing shade and rest alternating between light and work. If we decided to take a journey to the center of the Earth, one of the things we would find is darkness, but also a sense of protection and deep connection, like the roots of a tree. Wearing black clothing or talismans we try to attract attention in a cautious manner and be able to escape from sight if necessary. In crystal therapy, black gems and stones are used for root meditations, related to the first chakra, to give us a sense of depth, presence and protection.

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