The Chakras

The word chakra in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’, ‘circle’, understood in our case as ‘centre’ or ‘energy disk’.

Depending on the schools of thought, 5 to 108 chakras can be recognized in a human body, which can identify organs or nerve centers and can determine different symptoms or emotions.

In our studies we have adopted the map of the 7 mainly recognized chakras, which in a simplified way crosses the body from bottom to top, crossing the various main organs. To these seven energy centers are attributed certain peculiarities, sensations and emotions, from which psychological or physical blockages may result.

By combining multiple studies and knowledge, the spirit, energy and matter are associated with frequencies, vibrations, sounds and colors, which are then enclosed in symbols, mantras, i.e. sounds and vocal intonations associated with the different chakras, which facilitate the study and understanding through meditation and contemplation.

IStone offers material and basic notions with intuitive concepts, an aid for those who have embarked on a spiritual journey and try to feel an integral part of nature and the cosmos.

Select a Chakra

Slide Primo Chakra Muladhara Rosso Secondo Chakra Svadhisthana Arancione Terzo Chakra Manipura Giallo Quarto Chakra Anahata Verde Quinto Chakra Vishuddha Blu Sesto Chakra Ajna Viola Settimo Chakra Sahasrara Bianco