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Stones: rose quartz, kunzite, pink pearl, pink opal, cherry quartz.

Search for: unconditional love, maternal feeling, compassion, forgiveness.

The union between the passionate blood red and white of purity generates the pink shade, which is associated with compassion, femininity, sweetness and romance. Unconditional love forgives everything at the expense of its own interests, bringing great gifts at great cost. Wearing the color pink we want to emphasize the bond with the feminine, with the mother in each of us, who can be strict teacher and best friend. An extremely influential colour that when combined with white exalts qualities of innocence and chastity, while when combined with black it evokes eroticism and seduction. In crystal therapy we use pink gems and stones for harmonizing and relaxing meditations, related to the fourth chakra, to give us a sense of serenity, compassion and contact with the feminine.

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