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Those born from October 23rd to November 21st, were born by approximation in the period in which, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun transited in the constellation of Scorpio, eighth House of the Zodiac.

Below we will describe the particularities of the subjects born under the influence of this sign and of the Gems that most support them in their path.

Planet of greatest influence: Mars

Fixed Water Sign

Representative color: Black, Red

Tarot: Death

Famous Scorpions: Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther, Martin Scorzese

Facets in Light: Loyal, Dynamic, Passionate, Observer, Wise, Regenerating

Facets in Shadow: Jealous, Obsessive, Suspicious, Manipulator, Self-destructive, Inflexible

“…to you Scorpio, I entrust the task of purifying and eliminating obstacles, you must remove and let die all that prevents the realization of my plan, so that all that is pure and noble may be given room.
So you will begin with yourself: you will learn to die and be reborn from your ashes, and then you will teach man to do the same.
So that you may fulfill your task, I give you the talents of Will, Intuition and Rebirth.
Use them with love and remember that intolerance, excessive individualism and uncontrolled passions will be great obstacles on your journey.

With an air of mystery, Scorpio returned to his place.

Thus it is announced that those born between October 23 and November 21 will be assigned to the house of Scorpio, the eighth house of the zodiac, ruled by Mars and Pluto, the feminine sign.

Always interested in the occult and mystery, it is profound and tremendously fascinating.

He is not afraid of dramatic events. Not that he seeks danger to prove he is the bravest, he simply loves risk and feels complete only in extreme situations.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are endowed with exceptional cunning, they have an excellent sense of humor, which in some cases can fall into cruelty if they feel that someone is poking them too much.

Scorpions can be a bit ambiguous about what is fair: capable of absolute discretion but at the same time able to break the rules with disarming nonchalance.

An interesting detail to note is that the Scorpio animal is the only one capable of killing itself with its sting if it realizes that it doesn’t have a chance.

Agate, IStone

Every sign of the zodiac has gifts that it will have to exploit and challenges that it will have to face.

The stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

Below are some stones that best enhance the talents of those born in the sign of Scorpio;

We were embarrassed by the wide selection of stones suggested to be associated with this sign, so we have chosen some of the most ‘significant’ ones:

Ruby, for the passion and depth it suggests, Agate, for its ability to absorb information, Tourmaline, for its ability to protect as the carapace of the animal, black obsidian to amplify its energy and Aquamarine and topaz, which reconnect it to its element.

“You are your only limit.”

“Surrender to Fire with Peace.”

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