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Represented with 6 petals, orange in colour, associated with the element water and sense of taste.

It refers to the changing time and the verb feel relative to sweetness, sexuality, creativity and pleasure.

Mantra: sound Vam.

Svadhishthana, which from Sanskrit means “sweetness”, represents the feeling of desire and the movement towards the object of desire with the consequent tasting of the sweetness of conquest.

Also called Sacral Chakra, it is located in the lower abdomen including the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and body fluids, symbolizing the right to move and desire.

A poor use of knowledge of this aspect of us can lead to a detachment from our personality and a life of pleasure denied for fear of not being accepted for what arouses our sweetness and creativity, the strength that roars against this chakra is the sense of guilt, the inability to self-gratify.

The sense of taste and pleasure of food are a direct stimulus of this point of energy that is expressed in the verb “to feel”, to feel, to taste the victory, the one to achieve that motivates us to move from our point of manifestation towards what we want to be.

By intoning the mantra Vam using the belly as a sounding board we will be able to feel the frequency of operation of this energy that moves fluid and receptive.

In crystal therapy we associate to this chakra the orange colored stones, such as Aragonite or Carnelian, which influence the aspects of desire and satisfaction, with sweet and seductive frequencies.

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