The memory of crystals and 'mineral' waters

How to ‘remineralize’ the water we drink

Humanity will have to review the ideas it has about water.

To begin with, water does not behave as it ‘ should’: there are more than 30 physical water constants that are ”wrong”.

For example, water is a mixture of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen, which become liquid at normal room temperature. This should be physically impossible.

Why is water liquid? Physicists do not understand it. Nothing about this molecule can really be understood by the common laws of physics. So, even if it is inexplicable, all we can do is repeat our experiments and demonstrate how it works.

Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine.

To briefly review the principles, homeopathic remedies are more often based on water “imprinted” from vegetable, mineral or energy sources.

The principle of homeopathy is that to stimulate the whole being (physical, mental and emotional) to heal and rebalance itself, a substance, with its specific frequency, must be chosen to create the same combination of symptoms that we would find in a healthy person.

This is known as the ‘law of similar’.

As much as a substance can be diluted with water, traces of every single element, any information that has come into contact with it, will always be found in every single molecule of water analyzed, in their original form.

So basically our experiments provide a scientific explanation of how homeopathy can work.
As an example we will take a CD. When you open a CD, the singer is not inside, but you can play the information on it, you don’t need the singer in the flesh. We can then look at the water as a CD, in which information is written, which will then be read and interpreted by our body.

The body and mind react to this subtle energy using it as a “reminder” of what is wrong and responds by healing itself, reorganizing itself in an original and healthy way.

Can you then, instead of putting the substance in the water, put the frequencies of the substance in the water?

Also, yes, you can record the frequency spectrum of a substance and reproduce it.

There is nothing described in physics that explains why when you put two molecules in close proximity to each other there should be any kind of exchange of information except with radioactive substances.

The only way molecules could communicate is by vibration and frequency. It is known that molecules vibrate and this has even been recognized by ‘modern science’ for the last 60 years, so what we are saying is that vibration is part of the molecule, and these vibrations are the way molecules communicate.

One of the unexpected properties of water that has recently been recognized is its ability to retain an imprint, or “memory” of different frequencies.

Water is extremely important when it comes to transmitting and storing information expressed by certain frequencies, beneficial or harmful.

Scientific experiments have shown that substances leave their imprint on water in the form of a particular frequency, even after being filtered or chemically cleaned.
These frequencies then resonate in the water that is stored in our bodies. Only after this important aspect of the removal of these frequencies has been treated positively with the use of the appropriate methods, is it then possible for the water to transmit its vital effects in a holistic sense.

That’s why IStone has decided to include water of gems in its recommendations for daily well-being, and ensures you the ease of obtaining this elixir with crystal bottles.

If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. N.Tesla