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Those born from April 21 to May 20, were born in the period in which, by approximation, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun passed through the constellation Taurus, Second House of the Zodiac.

Below we will describe the particularities of the subjects born under the influence of this sign and of the Gems that most support them in their path.

Planet of greatest influence: Venus

Fixed earth sign

Most Representative Color: Green, Pink

Tarot cards: the Pope

Illustrious Bulls: Queen Elizabeth II, Shakespeare, Carl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Steve Wonder.

Facets in Light: Responsible, Loyal, Sensual, Reliable, Economist, Stable

Facets in Shadow: Materialistic, Stubborn, Obsessive, Possessive, Indulgent, Lazy

“…to you Taurus, I give the task of building and consolidating what of my work has been begun.
You will make stable and prosperous all that I have created for man and teach him to create for me.
It will be a heavy and tiring task, but for you to solve it I give you the talents of Strength, Abundance and Patience.
Use them with love and generosity and do not let your heart become a slave to desire.
Remember that you must build for me, rather than for the pleasure of possessing.
Desire and attachment to material things will be the obstacles that you will have to overcome on your journey.

And Toro slowly returned to his place.

Thus it is decreed that those born between April 21 and May 20 will be assigned to the house of Taurus, the second house of the zodiac.

The sign of Taurus is associated with the planet Venus, second house, and the color green, the fourth chakra, that of the heart.

People born under the sign of Taurus are concrete and tenacious, extremely possessive and jealous; they always look for something in return, both gifts and affection.

Convinced of their ideas they insist on defending them despite the evidence, his desire to possess material goods leads him to want and appreciate home and family, in constant search of stability and “things that last over time”.

In ancient times it was the woman who took care of the house and livestock, so in addition to symbolizing the feminine, she also represents private property and the economic side of things and society.

His relationship with money makes him appear stingy, actually for them the main purpose of money is to buy things for his comfort and pleasure. Those born under this sign consider it essential to always have money to spend on themselves or on what they consider necessary.

Emerald, IStone, Lucca

Every sign of the zodiac has gifts that it will have to exploit and challenges that it will have to face.

The stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

Below you will find some stones that best enhance the talents of those born in the sign of Taurus;

The Emerald, the green stone par excellence, can help the Taurus regain physical form after any kind of illness or disappointment and can be considered a great lucky charm in love. It is a rather rare mineral, a quality of beryllium that takes on a green colour thanks to the presence of vanadium and chrome.

Green Tourmaline allows the Taurus to keep its physical shape and to give its best in moments of intimacy.

Rose Quartz represents the freedom of emotions and the exaltation of love, it takes away stress giving calm and serenity balance.
It is also useful against insomnia and anxiety and helps with your indecision.

“Stability can be found through change.”

“The body is the temple of the soul.”

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