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Stones: diamond, hyaline quartz, Herkimer’s diamond.

Search for : illumination, purity, focus, clarity.

Transparency aims to make us notice what is behind something solid, it makes us understand that we can see through obstacles, look beyond the immediate appearance of things.

If we use molten crystal to make a lens, we can see how many infinite obstacles are placed between us and our objectives, in every single moment, and how we stubbornly and constructively overcome these adversities to carry on our idea of ‘together’ and ‘unity’. Wearing the transparent we want to show off what is behind the veil, the crystalline purity of our being and the understanding of belonging to an ethereal and almost invisible whole but present in everything.

In crystal therapy we use gems and stones of crystalline color for illumination meditations, related to the seventh chakra, to help us focus our thoughts and experience a sense of transcendence.