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Stones: emerald, aventurine, peridot, jade, musky agate, amazonite, green fluorite, prehnite, malachite, chrysocolla, labradorite, jasper kambaba.

Search for: hope, compassion, unconditional love, friendship.

A secondary colour formed by the union of yellow and blue that evokes hope, youth, life and flourishing nature. A green signal gives us the go-ahead and exalts the lush force of collective and cooperative growth towards a deeper communion with nature. Green can also represent envy, especially if we see someone taking a liberty that we have denied ourselves for whatever reason. Wearing the color green you try to blend in with nature, to synchronize with it, to follow its rules and respect its authority. In crystal therapy, green gems and stones are used for harmonizing meditations, aimed at balancing relationships and environments, related to the fourth chakra, to give a sense of familiarity, harmony and synergy with others.

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