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Represented with 16 petals, blue in color, associated with the elements ether and sound, and sense

of hearing. It refers to past time, and to the verbs “to be”, “to communicate”, “to listen” in relation to concepts

of truth and understanding. Mantra: Ham Vishuddha from Sanskrit: “particularly pure”, it represents expressiveness, communication and the free expression of truth. Also called the Throat Chakra, it is located just below the larynx, between the first thoracic vertebra and the seventh cervical vertebra, including also the ears, lungs and thyroid, all that perceives the vibrations of this plane. Hearing is the sense that is associated with this center of energy, as the first filter of felt truths. Ether, sound, frequency and influence are the signs of a chakra that vibrates and moves. Through this energy, experiences are communicated and information can be shared that can grow or damage. The lie is the antagonistic energy of this chakra, which distorts and corrupts what is pure. A lack of harmony in the fifth chakra leads to introversion and closure to communication and learning. The first manifestation of this chakra takes place between 7 and 12 years of age, during which we begin to dedicate ourselves to more spiritual and abstract learning by listening and communicating our own truth and experience.

By intoning the Ham mantra using the belly as a resonance box we will be able to feel the operating frequency of this vibrating and echoing energy.

In crystal therapy we associate to this chakra the Blue or Blue stones, such as Lapis lazuli or Turquoise, which influence the aspects of communication and understanding, with clear and involving frequencies.

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